Who is Adley?

My specialty is in a type of historical magic which is rooted at the end of the Middle Ages and through the Renaissance. This type of magic was documented in a variety of Grimoires which all follow a general theme which retrospectively has been referred to as Solomonic Magic. This specialty focuses on the conjuration of a variety of spirits to aid in the accomplishment of certain tasks and requires a working knowledge in astrology, herbalism, the process of alchemy and a skill set in general craftiness (candle making, engraving, sewing, drawing, etc…) and overall harnessing the ability to work with spirits and angels.

I have been a part of traditional occultism since 2009 and have been working toward perfecting my art ever since. I am an ordained Gnostic Priest. My interests have always been founded on traditional sources and I have been fortunate enough to be in a position where I can take my knowledge and turn it into this working craft.

I am a practitioner of the Elucidarium Necromantiae, a 15th century grimoire with roots dating before the 12th century. This work is built upon the ever-changing celestial bodies revolving through the seasons, days and hours. It utilizes the above framework in order to conjure the terrestrial spirits of the air.