Adley’s Magical Art provides a variety of traditional ritual items for use in Traditional or Solomonic based Magic. We carry such items as beeswax candles, conjuration incense, holy anointing oils and holy water, talismans and more. You can follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter for periodical updates on these items.

Magic of the Grimoires is considered quite effective but requires a high level of understanding and often the prescriptive nature makes the tools and supplies needed to do the work even more difficult to obtain. Know that I put all of these requirements to heart. Rest assured planetary day and hours are observed, the rigorous methods of the grimoires are followed during the creation of such items and where applicable, all items have been consecrated.

What is Necromancy?

Today Necromancy is firmly understood to mean working with the dead, but it wasn’t always that case. In the historical context necromancy was a form of magic which utilized spirits. So while the art I practice can include working with the dead, generally I am working with celestial and terrestrial spirits.

Who is Adley?

My specialty is in a type of historical magic which is rooted at the end of the Middle Ages and through the Renaissance. This type of magic was documented in a variety of Grimoires which all follow a general theme which retrospectively has been referred to as Solomonic Magic. This specialty focuses on the conjuration of a variety of spirits to aid in the accomplishment of certain tasks and requires a working knowledge in astrology, herbalism, the process of alchemy and a skill set in general craftiness (candle making, engraving, sewing, drawing, etc…) and overall harnessing the ability to work with spirits and angels.

I have been a part of traditional occultism since 2009 and have been working toward perfecting my art ever since. I am an ordained Gnostic Priest. My interests have always been founded on traditional sources and I have been fortunate enough to be in a position where I can take my knowledge and turn it into this working craft.

I am a practitioner of the Elucidarium Necromantiae, a 15th century grimoire with roots dating before the 12th century. This work is built upon the ever-changing celestial bodies revolving through the seasons, days and hours. It utilizes the above framework in order to conjure the terrestrial spirits of the air.

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