15th Stone of Razielis

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“The 15 stone is yris & it is likened to Cristall or to gellij & it hath corners, & if any man put it in an house to the beame of the sunne, so that the beames passe through it or by it, the colour appeareth of the Rayne bow. And for this cause it is sayd yris that is the Rainbow. And this is his might for he hath 6 corners: And the vertue of it is to keep the place in which it is with health honestly & there ought to be grauen in hit a man that armed that beareth a bow & an arrowe.” ~ Sepher Razialis

This stone measures 5″ in length and 1″ in diameter.  Out of the light it is a pleasant pink, but when the sun hits it, it appears as if it channels it within the pillar and glows in iridescent multi-color.  Just having this around and in the sunlight, it seems to radiate peacefulness and happiness.  Engraved along three panels is the image of an archer with his bow at the ready.

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