22nd Stone of Razialis

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“The 22 stone is Ametistus & it hath the colour of wine upon a white cloath or of rose, or violett. And this hath might to chase away fendes (devils). And his vertue is to defend from drunkennesse. And his figure is Vrsus that is a beare.” ~ Sepher Razialis

“A legend tells how the nymph Ametis was pursued by Bacchus and asked Diana for her aid.  The goddess changed her into a crystal, which Bacchus, in a drunken rage, turned violet by pouring wine over it.  Once he sobered up, the god granted amethyst the power to dissipate drunkenness.”~ Lecouteux

According to Lecouteux Amethyst prevents intoxication, facilitates access to kings, attracts wild animals, prevents seeing ghosts, wards off nightmares.

This pendant is on an 18” chain.  A beautiful amethyst stone with the sign of a bear engraved.

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