Anointing Oil of Exodus / Abramelin


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Shemen ha-mishchah or Oil of Anointing is a critical oil used in ordination and consecrating items of the temple.  It is used to sanctify and make any item holy.  The origin of this oil is found in the book of Exodus and is made according to an ancient orthodox method involving simmering olive and is the same oil as the infamous oil of Abramelin.  Ingredients:  Cassia, Cinnamon, Calamus, Myrrh, Olive Oil

This container holds 2 drams of oil (.25 fluid ounces).

This oil is made in the fashion of the primitive art of the apothecary.  The herbs are ground and submerged in one part equal oil and boiled and then set aside for a period no less than 1 lunar phase.

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