Anointing Oil of Razielis


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Much work went into creating this historical “precious” oil.  It’s made from the ingredients listed in Sepher Razialis [VRL 1300].  We are told not to make offerings without first being clean, washed and anointed with an oil such as this.  Made with an incredible list of rare and precious ingredients such as true musk, ambergris, and civet.

As one can imagine the aroma of this oil is rich and earthy from the musk, civet and ambergris but it has sweet overtones from the frankincense and lathyrus.  It is a unique and one of a kind aroma.

“Know thou that no man ought to make fumigacion of preciouse things, but if he were clene & with cleane waters well washen & anoynted with precious oyntments which be made cleanly & with preciouse things & cera alba, balsamus, muscus, ambra, thÿrus, algalea, almea, thus, mirra, & oleum oliuarum.” ~ Sepher Raziel

This item comes in a 2 dram vial.

This oil is made in the fashion of the primitive art of the apothecary.  The herbs are ground and submerged in one part equal oil and boiled and then set aside for a period no less than 1 lunar phase.

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