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All talismans are created by Adley himself, an ordained priest.  This is done in the traditional manner  Each talisman is made according to the proper metal which is ruled by the planet desired.  For example a Talisman for Mercury would be made with an alloy which is comprised of several types of metal.  These talismans are made on the hour while the sign is on the ascendant (per the Eludicarium Necromantiae).  The prices vary based on the required metal.  Any design can be engraved on your behalf.

These pentacles are carried by the individual to aid in the acquisition of such things as money, honor, fortune, defense, love and more.  Reach out to Adley via the contact form to figure out which is best for your needs.

Some general uses of pentacles:

  • money
  • honor
  • glory
  • remove obstacles
  • physical protection
  • astral protection
  • strike fear into spirits
  • speak with spirits
  • fortune / luck
  • lots more

*These talismans must be planned as some times it may require waiting for the right timing to create them.  They may also be consecrated after they have been created which will likely have to be a separate day than their creation when the moon is waxing.

The consecration of these pentacles is not included into the price.  If you would like them fully consecrated and ready to go, you will need to purchase the Spirit and Angelic Invocation service in addition.  The consecration of my pentacles are done by conjuring the spirit and having them give their benediction upon the pentacle itself.

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Sun – Raphael (Plated Gold), Luna – Gabriel (Plated Silver), Mars – Samael (Iron), Mercury – Michael (Plated Electrum), Jupiter – Sachiel (Tin), Venus – Anael (Copper), Saturn – Cassiel (Sealed Lead), Any Planet (Parchment)

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  1. Lupina H.

    I own several of these exquisite seals and plan on eventually possessing them all. Why? Because Adley’s workmanship bears a sense of mystery. Even though he creates these seals anew, they entrap the Powerful, the Ancient, and the Forgotten. The inscriptions and emblems reach back many millennia, and with it, it is as if the seals themselves, capture that ineffable Magick, and bring it forth into being. Simply profound—if profound can indeed be simple.

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