Intermediate Introduction to the Heptameron


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This is a two hour class that takes you through the details you need to know before taking on the ritual of the Heptameron.  This class is not to be understood merely as an introduction though it presents the information needed in order to work the actual ritual.  Instead this class dives incredibly deep into the details of the Heptameron and its predecessors to look at the historical context of this specific grimoire.  Equally valuable in the academic side as in the practical side, this class will present you with so much information about this particular work that you’ll be well armed to take on the task of the Heptameron ritual itself.

Is this class for you?  Well, if you’ve thought about doing the Heptameron or want to work it, this class is a must.  It does not contain much generic or widely applicable information to other Solomonic texts so this class is not for you if you just want to learn the fundamentals of Solomonic magic in general.  This class is an incredibly deep dive into the Heptameron and its predecessors specifically.  You should have a basic understanding of Solomonic Magic before taking this class such as calculating magical timing, understanding general Solomonic tools, light familiarity with a few grimoires, etc.  Having either a working experience in these fields or in depth knowledge will position to get the most out of a class like this.

length:  1 hour and 52 minutes


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