Candle Lighting Service


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Candle lighting is an age old practice which aims to gain the blessings of God or other spirits.  All candles are blessed prior to use and each blessing is done through a recitation of the angels and spirits of the current season, that they may bless you in your specific endeavor.

Each operation utilizes a single blessed votive candle, fine incense such as aloeswood, ambergris, civit or musk and full ritual preparation.  The entire operation takes around a full hour.

Common requests are for healing, divine fortification and aid, as well as commemoration for loved ones (or fur babies) who have passed and more.

*This method uses an old tradition of calling on the precise and ever-changing hierarchy for the season in which the service is done.  This includes God, saints, angels of all the days (and all their ministers), angels of the months, planets, zodiac, directions of the earth, and literally hundreds more specific to the season.  The method is directly out of the Summa Sacrae Magicae (14th century).


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