Conjuring Spirits – The Heptameron 5 Part Class

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Learn to conjure spirits in this 5 week interactive course on the 1559 Heptameron.  This course will begin by looking at the ritual on paper, what is needed for it, how to prepare for it, what is required of it and more.  As the course continues we’ll talk toward more applicable points made by its predecessor, the Elucidarium Necromantiea, we’ll address who the spirits are and how to interact with them, common misconceptions of the ritual and how to avoid snares that can lead to failure.  As the class comes to a completion you will be given a ritual handout which will give you step by step instructions that you can actually use during the ritual.  You’ll be positioned to succeed with knowledge and resources to do your own Heptameron working.  This course is packed with detail and nuances suitable for both the novice looking to do their first authentic ritual as well as the experienced looking to advance their knowledge in the art of this late-medieval masterpiece.

Each class is presented in video for watching and audio for listening on the go.  Chats are also provided so you can see, hear and follow along each class.  Purchase of this class gets you an invite into a private facebook group where other students interact with myself and others for ongoing guidance on the practice and implementation of this maniacal system.  This private group does require a facebook account to participate.

Class I:  Understanding the historical context of the Heptameron and Elucidarium. 2 hours
Class II:  Understanding the spirits of the Heptameron and Elucidarium.  2 hours, 34 minutes
Class III:  Ritual walkthrough and commentary, celestial portion.  2 hours, 6 minutes
Class IV:  Ritual walkthrough and commentary, spirit portion.  2 hours, 13 minutes
Class V:  Ritual overview, questions and probing, review provided ritual template for performance.  1 hour, 58 minutes.

Total 10 hours and 51 minutes.

It is imperative that you vet anyone you seek to learn from.  If you’re going to take their word for it, they need to be proved to be an accurate source.  Learn more about me in my ‘about‘ page.  Check out the interview on Glitch Bottle for the deepest understanding of my knowledge.  Reach out to authorities and inquire about me, folks like Al Cumins, Stephen Skinner, Joseph H. Peterson or Alexander Eth.  Ask around and make sure that I’m a good source for you to learn from.

3 reviews for Conjuring Spirits – The Heptameron 5 Part Class

  1. Caleb Greenwood (verified owner)

    Exciting course.

    I came into the course knowing very little about historical magic and even less about the Heptameron, but after 5 weeks I feel equipped to try conjuration for myself. Out of all the courses I’ve taken in the occult, this is the most exciting as it delivers a way to actual experience magical reality via conjuration and contacting spirits. Adley is friendly and quick to answer questions that may arise and it’s clear he knows his material well.

  2. Shariyf Clark (verified owner)

    Before this course, I only knew about the Heptameron by name. During the course, Adley clearly and patiently took us through a deep dive of the Heptameron along with some of the source material the Heptameron is derived from. By the end of the course, I found myself ready to dive head first into practicing the art of magic contained with the Heptameron. Adley is extremely knowledgeable, patient and generous. This course is perfect for anyone with an interest in this fascinating art of magic.

  3. Henrique Monteiro (verified owner)

    I purchased the course with the intention of operating from the Heptameron.
    It´s super thorough and Adley is a very helpful teacher when it comes to practical questions.
    Above all, he has plenty of experience in the system.
    Overall, I´m very satisfied with the course and thankful for Adley for making the knowledge accessible to would be practitioners.
    I´ll leave another review after I begin my operations.

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