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Join in with several other clients for 24/7 access to your own personal magician.  That’s right, I’m happy to offer my services to you in exchange for this monthly retainer.  With this subscription I will make myself available during normal business days and hours for unlimited consultations and magical workings periodically throughout the year.  Basically I’m here to do magical work on your behalf when you need me.  I am available for consultation, day to day chat, magical workings such as spirit evocation, candle lightings, petitions and more.  While this fully covers the cost of such magical operations and consultations, any magical material (pentacles, talismans, jewelry, etc.) will require additional purchase. 

        • No cost for consultations
        • No cost for random day to day discussions
        • No cost for magical workings
        • No cost for additional magical workings
        • No cop-outs, I’m on the hook for successes or failures
        • I get to know you, and you me
        • I’m available whenever you need me through the subscription period
        • This subscription does not include magical material (candles, pentacles, incenses, etc…)

Subscription to this service comes with 20% off my entire shop.

Why don’t you charge for a single working?  If you are looking for a magician, often times you see a single charge for a working and that’s it.  There are a few problems with this in my experience.  First, it gets the magician an easy out.  You hired them to do the work and that’s it.  If it didn’t work, it didn’t work and you’re out a few hundred bucks.  When you hire me, you pay for me throughout your desired time, and that means that I have to be good.  It means I have to be accountable.  If more work is required for your situation, then I’m available to assist further with it, no extra cost.

Why should I put you on retainer?  When you have circumstances in your life that require magical assistance, they are not simple.  By hiring me, the most important benefit is that we get to know each other.  I get a chance to see things from your perspective via various consultations or conversations through the day or week.  In the end, we build an actual relationship.  In this way, I am not some stranger pretending to know your situation.  This gives me the opportunity to understand your circumstance at another level and gives you the opportunity to benefit from a magician working on your behalf who truly understands the situation because I understand you.

What happens if I no longer need your service?  While I hate to see you go, my service should not be a financial burden to you.  Whenever it is that you’re ready to end the subscription, just login to your account and you can manage everything there.  While I’ll hate to see you go, there will be no hard feelings and when you’re in need of me again, just reactivate your subscription.  It’s that easy.  Just be aware that when you end the subscription, any pending workings that go beyond the last month paid will be canceled as well.

Am I the right magician for you? Learn about me and watch my interviews.

Payment is due on the first of every month.
A prorated amount will be charged at the time of purchase in leu of the full amount.
Control subscription & billing settings in your account.
See Terms of Service for more details

4 reviews for Magician for Hire

  1. Richard R. (verified owner)

    I signed up for the magician for hire service and it’s been great! I get faster responses, contact via email or messenger and discounts on purchased items such as candles. Also it’s beneficial for special smaller requests that I needed. Another great perk is that I don’t have to buy multiple consultations AND it covers the costs of ritual works every month for just one price.
    I am using it for an upcoming court case, health of a relative, and wealth building. So far the health of a relative is improving from a stage 4 disease and things are looking highly optimistic which brings peace to my family. I understand different people will get different results but this is a lot better than just praying and hoping. It’s taking positive actions and control over your life!

  2. Lara D (verified owner)

    When I came to Adley my situation was stark and seemingly hopeless. Today I am writing this review after a major shift which evidences the working is changing things in the direction we desired. I cannot overstate how unlikely this was to turn around and the timing is remarkable so this is not coincidental. Throughout the time of me using this service he’s been very understanding, sweet and gracious, even when I expressed concerns and questioned the efficacy of the work. The ability to speak to him regularly means a lot day to day. Today has been surreal and with some luck more good things are in store with this working and the others we are discussing!

  3. Caleb G. (verified owner)

    I ran Adley’s Magician for Hire for several months. I started the subscription to get a magical working done and then kept it running as I was studying the Heptameron and wanted Adley around for help in the process. Over the course of those months, Adley did a variety of workings for me and an essential divination for me to confirm that my modern day Heptameron purification was good enough for the angels.

    Adley is good at answering questions and is an invaluable resource, especially if you’re trying to get your head around medieval magic. I appreciate his patience as well in that process.

  4. LF (verified owner)

    Adley is, without fail, a powerful magician. But here’s a best kept secret. Consult Kathryn’s oracle readings in conjunction to Adley’s work. The two working together, are dynamite. She “sees” things, and he “does” things. My ineloquent description is purposely restrained–because what unfolds, is magical elegance that leaves you speechless.

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