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Patron membership is a monthly subscription to exclusive content such as blogs and video’s from Adley about various magical subjects and practices.   Regularly Adley will broadcast brief presentation and publish various articles speaking toward magical practices, techniques, insights, tips and tricks.  There will also be occasional additional videos of certain demonstrations or ‘behind the scenes’ so to say of magical practices and what the magical life kinda looks like from Adley’s perspective.  These are available right here in your account settings.  Upon subscription you will have access to an exclusive membership section where all the content is listed and available.  This subscription gets you instant access to all existing content to which you can immediately begin engaging with.

Here are the valuable perks of the Patron Membership:

  • Exclusive content is immediately unlocked and available for you to read.
  • Periodic exclusive sales on popular items.
  • FREE SHIPPING!  Yeah, it’s like Prime, but for magic.

Subscribe to learn about magical timing, planetary calculations, purification processes, insight into the earliest forms of Solomonic magic, tips for practice and so much more!

Control subscription & billing settings in your account.
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