Virgin Parchment


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Many grimoires call for the implementation of virgin parchment for items such as talismans, the hexagram of solomon, spirit sigils and more.  Historically parchment has been used when working with various spirits and demons as found in the Goetia and other works.  Where the magician wears a seal of the spirit made of the proper metal on the back of his lamen, a paper one is used on the altar where the spirit is bound to it.

All parchment is harvested ethically.  No animal (adult or child) was killed for their skin.  The creation of this parchment is done in the same fashion as historically was done throughout the renaissance.

Size 4″ x 4″

You can contact me if you are in need of a sheet size other than 4″ x 4″

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.25 in

Kidskin (young goat), Calfskin, Lambskin, Hartskin (buck)


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