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It hath been ever the custom among all nations to use fire and light in sacred things. For this reason the master of the art should also employ them in sacred rites, and besides those for reading the conjurations by, and for the incense, in all operations lights are necessary in the circle.  For this reason he should make candles of virgin wax in the day and hour of Mercury; the wicks should have been made by a young girl; and the candles should be made when the moon is in her increase, of the weight of half a pound each, and on them thou shalt engrave these characters with the iron pen (stylus) of the art. ~Key of Solomon

In Solomonic magic nothing is done without this candle being lit.  The wick is spun by a young maiden and due to that, some special attention is required regarding it.  Unlike modern wicks, there is not metal in this, so it will not always stay upright upon blowing it out.  Once you extinguish the wick, be sure you do not allow it to fold into the soft wax below it or you will need to dig it out upon next use.  It only requires a small amount of attention for a few seconds.  Similarly the first light can be tricky.  The wick is left long to allow a greater amount of heat to melt the surface wax.  Do not trim it.

This item is made to order and because it must be made on the day and hour of Wednesday while the moon is waxing, this could take upwards of 3 weeks to fulfil.

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Weight12 oz
Dimensions7 × 2 × 2 in

Virgin Spun, Standard


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