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This is not a common sight.  This lamen is made in accordance with the journals of John Dee.  Made of virgin parchment with period ink in 4 inch by 4 inch measure, the front of this lamen depicts the angelic script commonly referred to as Enochian.  The back of the lamen has the prescribed design of a circle surrounded by the five angelic names of the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.  In the circle is placed a small flat clear stone referred to as a shewstone for scrying.

Why is the lamen not gold?  There was indeed a gold lamen described in the journals of John Dee, but it turned out to be a false item described by an intruding spirit.  The lamen then laid out was one of parchment and not metal.

You may notice there is no place for a chain or thread.  That is because it does not hang openly but is concealed and hangs within a white scarf which hangs around the neck.

As concerning the lamine, it must be hanged unseen, in some skarf.

Thy Character must haue the names of the fiue Angels (written in the myddst of Sigillum 
Emeth) graven uppon the other side in a circle. — In the myddst whereof, must the stone be 
which was allso browght: — Wherein, thow shallt, at all times behold, (priuately to thy self,) the state of gods people throwgh the Whole earth.

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