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St. Cyprian Skrying Tablet

Predominantly I work with the class of spirits referred to as Angels. The thing is as of late I’ve been needing to get in touch with the more chthonic based spirits (or earthly spirits) and although the Angels don’t seem to have a problem fetching one if I need one, I’ve designed a little table to aid in the conjuring of them.

The table is based on Clavis Inferni, an 18th century grimoire dealing with chthonic spirits and the four Demon Kings which rule them. Taking the correspondences and restoring some of the names (which are modern corruptions of historical names) I created a 9″ wax tablet which has three rings inscribed on it. In the outer ring are the four demon kings inscribed. On the inner ring are inscribed the four archangels which rule the demon kings. On the inner ring is inscribed the four God names which rule the four demon kings. Found in the center of the tablet is the Secret Table of Solomon as described in the Lemegeton (Theurgia Goetia) which a crystal ball is placed on. The image is said to tame the more rebellious spirits.

I made sure to construct the wax tablet on the day and hour of Mercury (associated with communication) with consecrated beeswax. It was inscribed with a consecrated burin of art according to the Key of Solomon.

I plan to use this new tablet in some planned up and coming sessions with my skryer which will heavily be documented on this blog.