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The Bath of Liber Juratus Honorii

Many of us are aware of the long and elaborate bath used in the Key of Solomon. We do however have reference of a cleansing bath in Liber Juratus which is not as complicated. You will notice at the end there is a place for your petition. This is simply a space to specify what you wish to acomplish with this bath. Something along the lines of seeing the spirits you wish to call, or simply purifying your body and soul. Whatever it may be, you insert it at that placeholder.

When this is done, he should eat, and after eating, he should begin the work as follows: He should take clear cold spring water, and wash himself, saying:

O Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God, whose spirit moved over the waters before the creation of the world, who in the creation of the world, made water blessed with the other elements, who gave water to the thirsty people for their nourishment, and in order that they could wash their outward stains clean with it, who wished to be baptized in the river Jordan by John the Baptist, in order that thorugh the mystery of your most sacred body the rivers of all waters will increase with your blessing, so that, even as we are washed on the outside by it, and by the Holy Spirit, so too will we be washed inside and cleansed of our sins, as the prophet David testified when he said: ‘Sprinkle me, O Lord, with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow,’ which in rememberance of this sacred mystery, you washed the feet of your blessed apostles, who offered us water to drink from your precious side for quenching the thirst in our souls, and for our sakes allowed the lance to savagely pierce your side, graciously grant that as this water washes my wretched body outwardly, so too by viture of your sacred baptism, which I have received in your name, grant that the dew of your grace may descend upon me, by which my inner faults may be washed away, that my body being washed, [here state your petition]. Amen.

Liber Juratus Honorii

The fifth book of Honorii gives several examples of these petitions as such:

…that my body being washed, my soul will be able to understand your incomprehensible power known from you, with your holy angels, while I live.
…that my body being washed, my soul will be able to praise you, side by side with your nine orders of angels, while I live, and may you grant a pardon for my sins.
…that my body being washed, hereafter I will not be able to commit the stain of sin, but pure in heart, in mind, and in deed, my soul will be able to prise you, side by side with your nine orders of angels, while my body lives.
…that my body being washed, by your grace, save N., N., and N., from the pains of purgatory, and pardon their sins, in order that they being releaased may be able to acknowledge, praise, and glorify you rmajesty.
…that my body being washed, I may be able to learn the heavenly, fiery, airy, aquatic, and earthly powers effectually.

Liber Honorii, Book 5

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