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The Book of Three Souls – Series

I’m happy to dedicate a small series to the exploration of Liber Trium Animarum, or the Book of Three Souls. This work is found in Summa Sacrae Magicae composed in 1346. The Book of Three Souls is a collection of numbered orations used for a variety of purposes from a standard ritual purification, sprit conjuration, consecration of the nine candarii and more! This series will explore these orations and their many uses.

Which foundation being lacking, therefore, which is the marvelous and magical work which you desire, then if we should have dismissed orations entirely, we otherwise would have spoken, written, and taught uselessly. So the heavy burden of the orations shall not irk you if you wish to be a magus, because without them it is impossible for you.

The Book of Three Souls, Brian Johnson Translation

Liber Trium Animarum is a breakthrough translation from Summa Sacrae Magicae which shows the original orations to be used in Liber Juratus Honorii. These specific orations were replaced by the Ars Notoria. This possibly could have been an error by the copiest assuming the ”New Art” to be the Notary Arts as the Book of Three Souls was an independent work and not always appended to manuscripts. The availability of the Book of Three Souls restores a massive missing piece not seen since it’s original medieval use.

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