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The Triangle of Art

It has ever been an issue for me to minimize the effects of my conjuration to those outside the circle. I conjure quite a bit and I don’t really have any issue with the spirits I contact, but often times the work I do is very late in the evening or very early in the morning. It’s not exactly unheard of for my wife to wake up to some sort of activity going on during or after the ritual.

This has caused me to consider introducing a device which can contain certain spirits rather than just conjuring them to appear outside the circle. In doing so I’ve honed in on the Triangle of Art as found in the Goetia. This triangle is called for when dealing with certain pernicious spirits. Once they are conjured the magician moves them into the triangle where they are then confined until they are dismissed.

The triangle is to be a three foot equilateral triangle with three Greek names of God around the perimeter and a circle within the triangle surrounded by the name, Michael which means “like unto God”. The Greek names are Tetragrammaton which is a placeholder for “YHVH”, the unpronounceable name of God, Primeumaton which means “The First Name” or “Elohim”, and Anaphaxeton which means “Thou great god of the entire heavenly host” or Sabaoth. These three God names are actually a single name, “YHVH ELOHIM TSABOATH” or “the Lord the God of Hosts”. *

The idea is that these powerful names contain the spirit placed within them. I chose when creating the triangle to use the actual Hebrew names instead of the standard Greek placeholders. I decided to make this of quality cherry wood. My hopes are that having this present that I will be able to contain spirits within it as needed so those who may be sleeping throughout my house (and outside the circle) may be undisturbed.

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